November 9, 2016


Having symptoms was a big deal for me. When my symptoms disappeared (mainly morning sickness) with my previous pregnancy I knew something was wrong. I’ve never felt that way with you.
I had morning sickness with you until about week 8 or 9, maybe even 10. It wasn’t as strong as it was the previous pregnancy, but it was consistent and lasted until it is normal for it to dissipate. I wasn’t as tired or fatigued this time, but I did have days in which I just couldn’t move anymore by the end of the day or that I needed a nap in the middle of it (luckily my job is non-stressful and I could rest when I needed to).
My belly began to show at around the same time and this time I tried to embrace it sooner. I told my co-workers after my 8 week appointment because I was very uncomfortable wearing jeans tied up with an elastic band at work all day. We didn’t have to tell anyone else at that point since I wasn’t seeing anyone that would notice.
As far as cravings go I haven’t really had cravings in the typical way. When people would talk about certain foods or restaurants that’s when I wanted to eat it. Did someone say Taco Bell? I had to have nachos (actually as I write this I now want nachos!). Last pregnancy I could not stand beef in any way other than ground, this time I have no issues (thank goodness! I love beef!) I am really liking burgers though… and French fries! Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be talking about food!
The most annoying symptom I’ve had is oil. My face is so oily that I need to clean it more than once a day. The usual astringent I use is not pregnancy safe, so I’ve been using rice paper to wipe the grease away.

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